My house has been designated as the house for all the family parties....which I truly love.  It's a good thing for one major makes me clean my house, because to be honest I could easily just be really lazy and let it go.  Back to the table, I bought a tall table about 3 years ago and have missed a regular table height since I traded.  I found this table on Criagslist for $200.00 about 2.5 hours away from our house.  Decided to take it even though I had not seen it in person....which was a little scary.  The owner claimed the chairs were in good condition....they needed some work, I would not call them good but we took them anyway!!!!  So after a lot of  repairing, sanding, staining and painting the table is done.  I LOVE IT...and can't wait to have our first Thanksgiving dinner on it!!!!