New coat rack for my office.  I designed a stencil with the company name and established date and then stenciled it onto burlap.  Attached it with decorative thumb tacks.  Thank you Pinterest for inspiring me to become creative again!!!

I found a great deal at Deseret Industries on an old China Hutch for $40.00.  
I am going to re purpose it in to additional storage and a new work station in my office for doing my vinyl lettering.  
After many hours of thought, I decided to remove the wood paneling from the back and the plate rack 
so it wouldn't look so much like a kitchen hutch.  
Not wanting too spend to much on the whole project I purchased a door from the local Habitat for Humanity for $10.00 along with some trim for the edges.  The hole where the door knob would usually go is perfect for bringing up cords.
I've filled in the holes with wood putty and I am ready to sand and paint.  
I sure hope this weekend will be sunny and warm.  
I am going to paint the top and bottom black and then stain the door and trim 
so I can later add some graphics to the top like the table below.
After 5 cans of Semi Flat Black spray paint, a toe injury and 4 hours of on again off again light wind I have a painted desk ready for the graphics to be applied.
This is my version of the table lettering on the picture above. I did a reverse weeding on the vinyl and applied it to the surface. Then I used black acrylic paint on open areas to get the finished product.