My TV Stand turned Island Project - January 2012

While preparing our last Thanksgiving dinner my husband and I thought it would be really nice to have some extra work space in the kitchen.  So I hauled in an old outside sewing machine table I turned in to an outdoor side table for the BBQ.  We really liked it and decided that it would be nice to have an island.  Well I am a true believer that what you imagine or put out to the universe you will receive.  Low and behold about a month later I found my FREE, yes that's right FREE TV stand.  I work as the General Manager for a storage facility and the customer told us they emptied the unit completely.  Well they didn't but what they left behind was priceless....the starting of my island.  Who would of thought that it would be the perfect match to my existing cabinets, how unbelievable!!! So we moved out the sewing machine turned BBQ side table back to the patio and moved in the TV stand.  Now the hard part began.....I needed to figure out how to convert it to an island.  It sat in my kitchen for probably a was constantly on my mind, how was I going to raise it 6", cover up the cardboard on the back, and make it all tie together.  Then one day I stopped at the local building supply store and I was inspired, black bead board on the sides.  I have always wanted to have bead board in my house some I had my chance and I LOVE IT!   Next project some baskets, boxes or drawers for where the DVD or VCR player normally would sit....another project began. 

The finishing touches to the Island - February 2012

After shopping for weeks for baskets with no success...I turned to a old crate that I found in my Mom and Dad's garage.  So I decided to make boxes, painted them black, roughed up the edges with stain to match the cabinet.  Then I cut out the lettering on my vinyl cutter and did reverse weeding...leaving just the background.  Applied the vinyl to the boxes and with acrylic paint and a dry brush I dabbed on the paint just lightly so it would look aged.  Then I applied sticky backed felt to the bottom of the boxes so they would slide in and out easily.  Now what to fill them with.....hmm! 

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