Inspired by this Hobby Lobby wreath.

I purchased a Christmas wreath at Deseret Industries for $1.50, added in 2 rolls of burlap which I love since the edges are all finished so it doesn't fray like regular burlap does regular price of $5.99 but of course I used my 40% off coupons on these. I didn't cut any so I could reuse it for another project if I wanted too later. I bought the stars at a yard sale for $1.00.  So the total for this project was under $10.00. 

I think I can easily take off the stars and add other embellishments to change it up.  I actually think I might add an ivy red geranium to match the flowers in my yard after the holiday.  Then I think I will make burlap pillows for my black rocking chairs to match.  I will post pictures of that project later.

Inspired by Pinterest again....
I added a shelf to my back patio.  I went to the local Restore 
and they gave me an old fence board that was the perfect match to the old corbels 
I picked up at a antique store in Missouri a few years ago.  I LOVE IT! 
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