The Firecrackers were another Pinterest inspired craft that my sister and I set out to make.  After shopping for scrap book paper to cover the cans with and not having much luck my sister found gift bags at the Dollar store.  Each bag had a shinny side as in the three cans at the bottom of the page and a regular side as the rocket is.  So one bag would cover two cans....SCORE!!! The sparkles are just what they appear to be sparkles with weights.  On the three can at the bottom of the page I filled each can with rocks or foam depending on if you are setting them outside or inside leaving enough room  at the top for the sparkles to set on top.  Then added the wire stars as embellishments.  For the different height I took the Pringle cans and cut them with the chop saw 2.5" shorter for each one.

For the Rockets we bought a swimming noodle and cut into fourths.  Wrap the noodle with scrap book paper and make a cone for the top, we cut some of the twist tie off from the sparkle to add as the fuse in the cone top.  Wrapped a bamboo stick or dowel with masking tape or duct tape until it fit tightly in the noodle.  Take the sparkle apart and save all of the parts except for the concrete weight.  First wrap the stars with the wire stem to the dowel then wrap the streamers around that, next take the cellophane cover and put on the end of the dowel and shove it into the noodle, it should fit tightly. There you go....your Fourth of July Rocket!

Scrapbook pages created by My Memories Suite 
Inspired by this Hobby Lobby wreath.

I purchased a Christmas wreath at Deseret Industries for $1.50, added in 2 rolls of burlap which I love since the edges are all finished so it doesn't fray like regular burlap does regular price of $5.99 but of course I used my 40% off coupons on these. I didn't cut any so I could reuse it for another project if I wanted too later. I bought the stars at a yard sale for $1.00.  So the total for this project was under $10.00. 

I think I can easily take off the stars and add other embellishments to change it up.  I actually think I might add an ivy red geranium to match the flowers in my yard after the holiday.  Then I think I will make burlap pillows for my black rocking chairs to match.  I will post pictures of that project later.

I am ready for Spring at my house, thanks to my sister.....and just this morning it snowed again (3-08-2103).  Oh well I remember many Easter mornings with snow on the ground so why am I surprised.  My sister and I were inspired to make a 2' peep from this pinterest pin.   We ordered the foam from the local foam company 3"x12"x24" and bought spray paint made especially for painting foam at Michaels.  My sister drew the peep pattern free hand and then proceeded to cut them out with an electric knife....what a mess as you can imagine.  After painting several coats of pink paint she mixed glue and water together to make a light sticky surface for the sparkly glitter to stick, then we painted the eyes with acrylic paint. 

Happy Easter!

Inspired by Pinterest again....
I added a shelf to my back patio.  I went to the local Restore 
and they gave me an old fence board that was the perfect match to the old corbels 
I picked up at a antique store in Missouri a few years ago.  I LOVE IT! 
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William, my Grandson loves fishing...any stick he finds he imagines it's a fishing pole.  So for his 4th Birthday Party, we went with a fishing and camping themed party.  This was his Birthday party announcement.

Inspired by Pinterest and I made a tent for William.  I purchased a drop cloth from Harbor Freight for around $6.50 which was enough for the tent and a square table cloth for the card table to go along with the outdoor themed party.  I did add additional elastic to the hold the tent on the frame and I also purchased some rubber caps to put on the end so the legs would not fall off.  

On one side of the tent I designed a logo. Cut it out with my vinyl cutter and used craft paint to paint the image.

My sister made 3 bed rolls for William, inspired by Pinterest and  

She purchased a twin flat sheet that cost only $5.00 and 4 pillows at $2.50 each, for a total of $10.00.  What is so fun about these is the sheet set comes in a small bag so I added a flashlight design to the bags and then we added small flashlight in the bag that we attach to the bedroll with ties. 

I also found some outdoor images and added them to the heads of the bedrolls. 
For table decorations my daughter used her fishing and outdoor themed room decor along with his bed sheet for the table cloth.
For his gift from his parents we put in his big boy bed and redecorated his room.
For his cake my daughter made a Bass Fish inspired by